quinta-feira, agosto 05, 2010

Amigas ♥

best friend a person who is always there for you.. someone you can depend on to share your hapiness, suffer through your worries or lessen your sorrow. A best friend is a safe and comfortable zone whenever you need help and they really, really know who you are. With best friends, you can be who you are, you can cry too hard or laugh too loud and never worry about what they'll think of you because best friends are nonjudgmental, they will give you advice if you want it, but they won't judge you or make you ashamed of your behavior. They are loyal and trustworthy, a best friend is a person to who you can tell your most embarrassing, revealing and damaging personal secrets with the full confidence they will never be repeated. they can deliver brutally honest answers in the most gentle fashion. Finally, best friends are the family you choose, they love you because they want to, and for many people, a best friend becomes the brother or sister, they'd always wanted, but never had!

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